Sentence: The user shall be solely responsible for ensuring that any information or content downloaded from X Company website or any other website accessed from X Company website does not contain any virus or other computer software code or subroutine designed to disable, erase, impair or otherwise damage its systems, software or data, and the user shall indemnify, defend and hold X Company harmless from any liability, claim, cost or damage arising out of any third-party claim or suit caused by such virus or code or subroutine.

Translation: 用户全权负责从X 公司网站及在通过X公司网站访问的网站上下载的信息或内容,不含任何意在禁用、抹去、妨害或以其他方式损害系统、软件或数据的病毒及其他电脑软件和子程序,并且用户应当对由这些病毒、代码或子程序导致的第三方索赔或起诉造成的责任、索赔、费用和损害,用户应给予赔偿、全力依法进行辩护,使X 公司免遭伤害。